SENSE Stimulating Body Oil

Aromatherapy For Your Skin

Smell Good, Feel Good

SENSE smells delicious and unique on everyone who wears it.

SENSE naturally hydrates skin, stimulates a pleasing physical reaction and repels mosquitos. Use it as a daily moisturizer and fragrance to keep your skin silky smooth and relax your mind into a state of bliss. 

SENSE assists in calming down your nerves, and helping to soothe anxiety in stressful situations. No need for an oil diffuser, this topical product is the perfect companion to your organic lifestyle. Includes lavender and vanilla essential oils so you will never have to worry about a lack of therapeutic support.

Key Ingredients

Grapeseed Oil: Anti-aging, antioxidant, moisturizing, tightens skin, unclogs pores.

Sunflower Oil: Protects skin, fights inflammation, contains Omega 6 fatty acids and Vitamins A, C, D and E.

Coconut Oil: Heals, hydrates, nourishes, renews and soothes.

What our customers are saying…

“You know that feeling when you step into an elevator and all of the men look at you….in a good way? Well, that’s exactly what happens when you wear SENSE Body Oil…” ~ D.T.

“Get noticed now! You will get lots of attention! Every time that I wear SENSE, which is everyday, someone will come up to me and smell me and say wow, you smell so good – what is that?” ~ Suzy

“All of my suitemates at work swear by this body oil for both its moisturizing and seductive effects…” ~ Cari

“It was also surprisingly effective as a repellent – the mosquitoes are rampant in South Florida and I haven’t been bit once since I started wearing SENSE.” ~ Boogieman

“My absolute favorite beauty oil is SENSE! It smells so good and is literally “Aromatherapy for Your Skin.” I confess, I am completely addicted to it. For me, this really is a multi-purpose oil. It can be used for moisturizing, massage, shaving and aromatherapy. I have sensitive skin and this was great for it. No issues and it didn’t clog my pores either. I love that it also comes in a travel size roll-on bottle that I can use in my purse and when traveling. This product has replaced all my other beauty oils. Bonus: Everyone always tells me how great I smell when I wear it and my husband LOVES it. I highly recommend. “~ Jodi S.

Available in 2 Sizes:

10 ml roll-on


8 oz bottle